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Guide to OzTAM TV ratings

Because clients have many different criteria for evaluating television performance, there are many different ways to analyse OzTAM TV ratings.

That’s why working with television audience data involves much more than ‘just the numbers’; it requires an understanding of the variables and parameters involved.

Here are some points to consider when looking at ratings information:

  • What market is the data from: five-city metro? National STV? An individual city?
  • What time period do the figures refer to: one timeslot, a single day, a week, a survey period, a year?
  • Are the ratings for all or part of a day: 1800-2400, 1800-2330, 0600-2400, 0200-0200?
  • Are the ratings for Overnight or Consolidated 7 or Consolidated 28 viewing?
  • Are the ratings for a single broadcast (one program episode) or averaged over multiple episodes of the same program?
    Do they include repeats or only first-run episodes?
  • Do the figures refer to Total People or a specific demographic group, such as People 25-54, Occupational Group 1 (OG1) or Grocery Buyers (GBs)?
  • What are the parameters: audience thousands, share, reach?
    • If thousands, is it Total People thousands or a specific demographic?
    • If the figure is SHARE%, what type of share is it: share of all viewing, or FTA viewing or commercial TV network viewing?
    • If reach, is it one-minute, five-minute, 15-minute or cumulative over a certain period of time?
  • What was the program start and end time, and did it air as scheduled? (This is the difference between OzTAM Preliminary and Confirmed times)

See also Definitions and Terms and FAQs

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Clear labeling and sourcing of OzTAM data aids everyone's understanding of the audience figures being analysed and reported.
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