OzTAM's services

OzTAM’s services

OzTAM manages and markets comprehensive television viewing data, spanning broadcast ('traditional', over-the-air) TV; online-delivered broadcaster content ('BVOD'); and Total TV, which brings together and de-duplicates broadcast and BVOD viewing in a single, detailed database.

OzTAM measures minute-by-minute viewing by actual Australians, 24/7/365, in a representative in-home panel of 12,000+individuals, and census-level BVOD viewing on 14m+ connected devices, providing a highly granular view of how Australians are consuming broadcaster content. 

OzTAM broadcast TV ratings encompass viewing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth across all television households, and nationally for all subscription television households, both Live and As-live (OzTAM Overnight data), and programs played back through the television set within 28 days of the original broadcast (OzTAM's Time Shift Viewing service).

OzTAM’s research supplier, Nielsen TAM, collects and produces viewing estimates on OzTAM’s behalf.

OzTAM provides the following services:

  • OzTAM Metropolitan Television Ratings Service. This comprises viewing estimates drawn from 5,250 homes (Sydney, 1,475 homes; Melbourne, 1,475; Brisbane, 1,000; Adelaide, 650; Perth, 650). 
  • OzTAM National Subscription Television Service. This comprises viewing estimates from 2,120 subscription TV (STV) homes nationally. It includes all STV households in OzTAM’s Metropolitan TV service as well as all STV households in the Regional TV ratings service provider, Regional TAM, panel.

    Regional TAM is a separate company to OzTAM and provides ratings data for the five east coast aggregated regional markets, including its 19 component sub-markets and the Regional Western Australia market.

Please see OzTAM coverage maps for a graphic representation of in-home television audience panel coverage.

OzTAM provides minute-by-minute ('elemental') and quarter hour viewing data, encompassing more than 180 demographic groups, for every FTA and approximately 100 STV channels in each of the five metropolitan markets and nationally for STV. More information at tools

OzTAM clients have diverse objectives which require many different criteria for evaluating television performance.

Accordingly, OzTAM TV ratings data is highly detailed and offers a range of options for analysis so that subscribers can analyse and report ratings information to best meet their specific needs.

OzTAM produces reports that include:

  • Weekly viewing reports. A selection of standard reports on FTA and STV channels are posted each Monday (Tuesday in the case of public holidays) on our website under Viewing Reports.
  • People viewing reports (PUTs). These PDFs with quarter hour data for each metropolitan market are available to subscribers.
  • Ad hoc reports. These are customised reports created for individual client needs. OzTAM can produce bespoke reports on either a once-off or regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) basis. To obtain an ad hoc report quote, please contact us.

OzTAM's Video Player Measurement service measures and reports all BVOD viewing played to connected devices, wherever those devices are located in Australia. 

Introduced in February 2016, VPM provides Australia's official figures for viewing of internet-delivered TV content (BVOD), capturing census-level BVOD viewing on 14m+ connected devices.

  • VPM reports. Rolling 7-day and 28-day reports covering on-demand viewing on connected devices over the previous 7 or 28 days are posted to the VPM reports section of OzTAM's website daily. A weekly live VPM report capturing the top live-streamed programs each week (preceding Saturday to Sunday) is posted on Tuesdays. These reports provide further insight into how Australians consume their favourite television content.  

Virtual Australia (VOZ) Total TV cross-screen measurement service. Launched in July 2021, VOZ is Australia's first truly national, de-duplicated picture of Total Television viewing, bringing together metro and regional viewing of linear broadcast TV as well as broadcast viewing on connected devices. VOZ all-screen audience data reveals who is watching what they're watching, how long they're watching, and the screens they're watching on. 

  • VOZ reports. Top line VOZ Total Audience Reports are posted weekly to the VirtualOz website reports page, including 7-day Total TV top 20 programs, BVOD top 20 programs, and Total TV reach. 

OzTAM’s commitment to quality

OzTAM provides a world-class television audience measurement service. We strive for excellence and continuous improvement in all our activities.

OzTAM has established quality objectives and a framework for benchmarking them which are constantly reviewed for compliance and suitability.

Rigorous corporate governance underpins OzTAM licences and contracts, which adhere to both the letter and spirit of all relevant regulations, reporting principles and standards.

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OzTAM provides a world class television audience measurement service, delivering minute-by-minute viewing data, 24/7/365, for more than 100 television channels and online-delivered BVOD content.
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