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OzTAM TV viewing reports

OzTAM makes the latest weekly TV viewing reports available for download as well as periodic trends and market updates.

In this section you’ll find a variety of these reports. The most recent week’s figures are available here. For earlier data, click on the relevant year from the pull-down menu on this page (under 'Reports', above).

Each weekly report uses Consolidated 7 data, that is, the figures incorporate viewing of television content as it actually went to air as well as content that was played back within seven days of the original broadcast (As Live and Time Shift to 7 viewing).

A ratings week is Sunday to Saturday, and these reports are updated with the latest Consolidated 7 ratings data each Monday (with the exception of public holidays, in which case the latest reports are posted on Tuesdays.)

For example, ratings data for the week of Sunday 1st to Saturday 7th January, 2012, would be available on Monday 16th January, 2012. This is to accommodate Time Shift to 7 viewing in that week’s data (i.e., Consolidated data for Saturday 7th January would be available on Sunday 15th January, to capture all playback viewing in the seven days following broadcast). For more information, see the Data Availability Calendar.

Please see the VPM Reports page for the latest rolling seven- and 28-day reports on viewing of internet-delivered TV content.

Important notes:

  • Reports in this section should be read in conjunction with OzTAM’s terms of use and also the Guide to OzTAM ratings section of this website
  • Many figures in the A-D reports are for Share of viewing (percentages of the viewing audience to various channels and networks)
  • The B1 and B2 reports provide weekly (cumulative) reach figures for channels viewed in STV homes as well as share of viewing estimates
  • The E reports provide Total People Thousands (absolute) audience estimates for the most-watched programs each week.
  • Weekly reports before 2010 pre-date OzTAM’s Time Shift Viewing service and, therefore, contain Live viewing data only

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OzTAM posts a variety of free website reports each week. If you'd like OzTAM to create a report specifically for your needs, please contact us for a quote.
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