Accessing OzTAM data

Accessing OzTAM data

OzTAM offers a subscription data service.

OzTAM will supply data on reasonable and fair commercial terms to any party who requests it, subject to conditions that preserve the integrity and reputation of OzTAM services, including:

  • Users of OzTAM data must acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in OzTAM data are and at all times will remain the property of OzTAM
  • Anyone publishing OzTAM data must note in any reports that the data is copyright to OzTAM and may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without OzTAM’s prior written consent
  • Any user of OzTAM Elemental data must use Gold Standard-accredited software and at all times comply with the Gold Standard in relation to their use and reporting of Elemental data
  • Subscribing parties must be able to pay OzTAM’s licence fees

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OzTAM is a subscription data service.
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