As OzTAM ratings data is released (the ratings process), clients need analysis software to calculate television audience ratings.

OzTAM fosters an open software market so that clients have a choice of ratings software suppliers.

To ensure all clients using OzTAM ratings data achieve consistent results, OzTAM has introduced the Gold Standard software accreditation system.

The Gold Standard specifies the arithmetical procedures to deliver uniform calculations as well as the standard industry terms and language to use. Only Gold Standard accredited software may be used to analyse OzTAM data.

There are two different levels of OzTAM accredited software suppliers:

  • Gold Standard: allowing subscribers to analyse minute-by-minute (Elemental) OzTAM data

    Elemental data is viewing information derived from panel households and individual panel members ascribed to the minute.
  • Quarter Hour: allowing subscribers to analyse average 15-minute Overnight and Consolidated 7 audience estimates

    OzTAM Quarter Hour audience data files contain average quarter hour audience estimates for standard demographic groups by channel. These files are created from OzTAM Elemental data that has already gone through Gold Standard processes.

List of Gold Standard Third Party Software Suppliers that have achieved OzTAM Gold Standard Accreditation

List of Quarter Hour Third Party Software Suppliers

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OzTAM's Gold Standard software accreditation policy ensures subscribers achieve consistent results using OzTAM ratings data amid an open software market.
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