What's new

What’s new 

OzTAM and Ipsos partner in world-first cross-channel industry endorsed audience integration for IAB Australia 28th February, 2024

OzTAM appoints Karen Halligan as new CEO 11th October, 2023

OzTAM announces VOZ Streaming, set to transform BVOD trading 29th August, 2023

Kayo Sports now reported in OzTAM's VPM measurement service 29th June, 2023

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer steps down 14 June, 2023

VOZ, the most accurate picture of Total TV viewing, arrives 1 May, 2023

Topline insights: Nielsen reissue of reprocessed viewing data 21 November, 2022

Update on Nielsen misallocation of spill viewing in overlap markets 13 October, 2022

Kevin Dillon appointed Industry Development Director 20 April, 2022

Mark Buckman appointed independent chairman of OzTAM 7 October, 2021

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