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What’s new

OzTAM is introducing Virtual Australia ('VOZ'), Australia's new Total TV reporting standard that brings together viewing on TV sets and connected devices to provide all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting for Australia's television industry. FAQs about VOZ.

The Q4 2017 Australian Video Viewing Report builds on the continuing story of how Australians are embracing opportunities to watch video on an ever-increasing array of options. more

The Q2 2017 Australian Video Viewing Report confirms the ongoing trend wherby people increasingly take advantage of the nearly infinite choice in video contact and means of accessing it. more

The Q1 2017 Australian Video Viewing Report shows how video viewing behaviour continues to shift with growing content, device and platform choices. more

The Q4 2016 Australian Multi-Screen Report, covering the fourth quarter of calendar 2016, continues to document how growing content, platform and screen choices have caused a gradual shift in the way consumers apportion their viewing across devices. more

The Q3 2016 Australian Multi-Screen Report, shows Australian homes have more screens, channel and platform choices than ever before. more

The Q2 2016 Australian Multi-Screen Report, continues to explore the impact of digital technologies, new channel and platform choices, and take-up of connected devices on audience behaviour. more

The Q1 2016 Australian Multi-Screen Report, continues its look at how audience behaviour is influenced by greater content and platform choice, and access to new consumer technologies. more

The Q4 2015 Australian Multi-Screen Report, shows that growing choice in video content and means of accessing it encourage consumers to spread their viewing across devices and platforms. more

The Q3 2015 Australian Multi-Screen Report continues its examination of changing viewing behaviour with the take-up of in-home technologies and new options to view television and other video content. more

The Q2 2015 Australian Multi-Screen Report shows Australians' viewing behaviour continues to evolve amid the unprecedented choice people have in both the range of available video content and means of accessing it. more

The Q1 2015 Australian Multi-Screen Report explores household take-up of new screen technologies and trends in how major age groups view broadcast television and other video across multiple screens.  more

The Q4 2014 Australian Multi-Screen Report considers household take-up of screen technologies and the interplay between them.  more

The Q3 2014 Australian Multi-Screen Report shows that the time Australians spent watching TV on conventional in-home sets rose more than an hour per month year-on-year. more

The Q2 2014 Australian Multi-Screen Report shows that Australians are watching more television on in-home TV sets year-on-year and continue to adopt new screen technologies more

The Q1 2014 Australian Multi-Screen Report shows that as Australians' take-up of connected devices rises they are also watching more broadcast television year-on-year.  more

The Q4 2013 Australian Multi-Screen Report shows robust viewing of broadcast television on in-home TVs.  more

The Q3 2013 Australian Multi-Screen Report shows Australians overwhelmingly prefer Live to recorded television, and that they gravitate towards the largest available screen.  more

The Q2 2013 Australian Multi-Screen Report shows new screen technologies are creating new options for consumers to view broadcast television and other video.  more

The Q1 2013 Australian Multi-Screen Report reveals an increasingly connected Australian home.  more

Television remains a key part of everyday life according to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report covering the fourth quarter of calendar 2012.  more

The television set remains the hub of Australians' screen activity, according to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report covering the third quarter of calendar 2012.  more

Australians watch more than 100 hours of television per month across multiple screens, according to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report covering the second quarter of calendar 2012. more

OzTAM has announced the extension of its contract with global information and insights company Nielsen for the supply of television audience measurement (TAM) services in the five Australian metropolitan markets.  The new agreement takes effect on 1 January, 2015 and continues through 2017.  more

An estimated 15% of Australian households now own at least one tablet device, according to the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report covering the first quarter of calendar 2012. more

The first Australian Multi-Screen Report shows the extent to which new technologies are stimulating and enhancing viewing of broadcast content ('video') beyond conventional television sets.  more

OzTAM today reveals a new logo and refreshed brand identity. The update reflects OzTAM’s evolution since 2001, when it reported five channels, to more than 100 channels today. more

To give clients a more holistic perspective of viewing behaviours by various markets, OzTAM has created this metropolitan market snapshot that illustrates the differing technical characteristics of OzTAM’s markets.

OzTAM is pleased to offer the latest information on technology within the home across Australia’s five metropolitan markets. Home technologies estimates

OzTAM today announced the appointment of Michael Anderson as independent chairman. more

Television ratings provider OzTAM today announced the appointment of Doug Peiffer as its chief executive officer. more

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