About OzTAM ratings

About OzTAM ratings

OzTAM TV ratings are audience estimates based on actual viewing behaviour in more than 3,500 panel homes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and more than 1,413 homes nationally for subscription television (expanding to 5,250 and 2,120 homes, respectively, in 2017).

OzTAM’s TV ratings service provider, Nielsen TAM, collects and produces TV ratings data on OzTAM’s behalf.

Households are recruited to OzTAM’s television audience measurement panel via a large-scale Establishment Survey that defines the population to be represented and its characteristics. In terms of panel size relative to the overall population, OzTAM’s panel is among the world’s largest.

OzTAM uses a sophisticated people metering system called Unitam which captures viewing to all broadcast television channels on all TV sets in panel homes.


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OzTAM ratings are audience estimates based on actual television viewing behaviour in OzTAM panel homes.
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